Thank you. Thread.

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I decided to make this thread because there is no thread to thank Carl for the game keys! So, here it goes.

Thank you for GEARCRACK Arena!

Edit: Also thank wrokred!


  • Yes. Thanks you, Carl, the dev(s), & anyone else I don't know of.
    What bugs me is I've already found a GEARCRACK Arena GA on Steam Gifts, & the the creator of said GA is a member of the WGN?! group. Carl, is there a way to report these scum to you so the can be branded with the Scumbadge Steve badge?
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    Thank you Carlmundo, for all the keys! Both Battlepillars and GEARCRACK Arena (well, those are only two, but HEY that's a lot :3 )
  • yes, thank you carl and co. for give us those keys. :) i think GEARCRACK Arena will kill me slowly.
  • Thank you, Carl...
  • Thanks. received my key. I'm instaling it now. Thanks again
  • Thank you very much! :D
  • Thank you for all your hard work ;) .
  • We should also thank @wrokred for the help he's given me for the new website!
  • Thank you for all your work!
  • Then thank you wrokred for helping us all ;) .
  • Thank you very much indeed :) The idea of this site is outstanding and I just can't understand the stupid policy of steam and why they closed down the group there. Thanks for your efforts again. Keep up the great work!!!
  • Thanks for the free gabens carl
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    Thank you Carl and Wrokred for all the hard work you put into this site (and the steam group before). Thanks to you I'm always up to date on all the best deals and get a few free games too! Much appreciated :D
  • Thanks Carl and wrokred, for all the hard work and for making me realize I'm a PC game snob in theory only, not in practice.

    Ugh, Battlepillars... another cheap, shallow mobile port shovelware game.

    *4 hours later*

    Maybe 2 armor and 4 hea.... oh &*$# I like Battlepillars
  • Thank you for all your hard work you do for us Carl, it truly means something for me to be part of this always growing game community. Despite all the difficulties the group encountered, I believe that WGN didnt died.
    In fact, its jut the beginning of a new start to the community
  • Thanks Carl
  • Thanks Carl for Dead bits
  • Thank you for Dead Bits & Flashout 2! I look forward to playing both of them.
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