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ok so i wanted to talk to u about exploited keys.

explotied keys= keys that are given away but there where taken by user who took more then one code making code giveawayble and tradeable

i just recomend u to stop exploting keys cause it can hurt the devloper of the game ! he loses time and money!

again this is an advice !

im writing this beacause i have seen this a lot on the site.

And dont forget to check my giveaways on the code drop theard !

Update 10/2 : Read this
a great example and showing u what it can do
so stop ! 16 keys in 3 hours ! over 400 value !
Thx @Royalgamer6

Yaired (not a mod)



  • mm if you take some keys from a giveaway and give it to ather people doesnt it make the same result?
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    I am amazed how many people want these games and more after the free giveaways, but if some people were not able to get one then i think it is not bad to "help" them to get one (i would more than happy that if i miss a giveaway someone gift me a copy of it).
    And they are giving them for free and trying to get nothing in return (maybe some "useless" likes). And as these are games with expiration date there is not a lot of risk of people trading them.
    They even encouraged you to get a "copy for a friend".
    Maybe they limited the giveaways for 24h to avoid abuses but if they really wanted to limit it i think they should have set a limit of 2 gifts for email or something like that.

    Anyway this is only my opinion but, as i said, these have expiration date so we will not have to worry much more about them.
  • Not sure if I understand what you're saying.
    For example I have Gun Monkeys + Gun Monkeys gift, and I sign up for a Gun Monkeys Steam key giveaway and win. Now I have 4 Gun Monkeys. Are you saying that hurts the developers?
  • It hurts the developers because if they are giving for example 200 keys they did that for the purpose of having 200 people playing the game but instead of that they have some people playing the game and some others with multiple keys taking the chance of other people to play.
  • I don't see how that hurts developers unless you're talking about a very small pool of keys and a very small indie developer. Wouldn't that be the same as saying if a local game shop is holding 200 boxes of unsold titles, it's hurting the developers because it's sitting on shelves and not being played?

    Anyway I don't think that's what yareid is saying because he said time + money, just trying to understand what he means by 'exploit'.
  • Well I think that having less people playing the game will hurt the developers because the lower the number of players is the lower will be the chances of people getting to know that game and somehow recommend it to other people for example. Less publicity for the game too therefore the developer lost time to produce the game just to have a lower number of players basically because of people storing keys and because of that he loses money. That's what I understand from what he's saying, could be wrong though.
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    Yeah its ridiculous... some people say here "what's the big deal, if you still give it away anyway" First off some giveaways have limited copies, some people miss out because YOU horded keys... and then regift it to seem generous. Also TELL your friend about the giveaway! and let them get it... if they are not bothered to do it. THEN they don't really want the game anyway... And yeah as JAZZ pointed out humblebundle even encourage you to get copies for your FRIENDS not the WGN code drop thread and they even drop when that giveaway is live... but yeah humblebundle is well aware that humans are assholes and get a 100 copies and then try to profit of it... after the giveaway is ended, so they put a expiration date on the gift links... but that does not make it 'oke' to do it, does it ? I find it ridiculous that WGN allows this tbh ...since they hate it when people do it with their giveaways. But with other giveaways its not even frowned upon... infact you are much for of a scumbadge steve for getting 20 games from a giveaway to regift or trade... then a SINGLE game from WGN... ....sigh. Anyway it don't think it hurts the devs in any way as most people would not buy that game in the first place. What it does hurt is the change of a decent giveaway ever occurring again... not sure about this...but any of you notice how now all WGN greenlight promotions are now "win 1 out of 100(or something)" instead of the guaranteed free game... if i had to guess its because you steves ruined it! ...could be wrong and it has a entirely different reason.

    #LettingOfSomeSteam #Rant
  • Then again main problem here is that the people who are the least likely to read this or even care about it-guessed right-are the exploiters
  • yup you are right about that...the people who are least likely to read will be the exploiters as they are only after free games or using bots to take away the games...
  • @liory7 no if u paid for the keys then no the devs gonna make money and its fine
    @Tatsuya come to code theard and ban some people they are anoyinig lol
    @Premchand every word is right
  • so no one wants 2000 tropico keys from me?
  • prejudice is to give him the keys and 250k and 200k will it take people and do not even play, only to have number of games on steam
  • I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

    If you're talking about game keys which gift you more than one copy to give to your friends, then that's the developer/publisher's decision. For instance, The Ship always gives you an extra copy, and you're encouraged to give it to your friends to play. What people do with the extra copies afterwards is their own business.

    If you're talking about people hoarding keys to flip down the line... well, either make the barrier of entry more difficult so juniors/random people can't steal them from you, or don't do it. Besides, if I'm giving something away, it's already been paid for by me in most cases.

    I've given away 250+ games over on NeoGAF. I am well aware that 90%+ of those keys I gave will never be played. Do I care? No. Those copies were paid for when I bought them originally, or were from giveaways where the developers/publisher clearly wanted it to be distributed more freely.
  • @crazyrabbits not that i mean taking to much keys for selling and etc
    dont giveaway free games its useless give only links to giveaways
  • Update 2/10/14
  • @yaired ohh i thought that you are aginst sharring the giveaway for some reason
    i think that if you get a key of something you already have for an example gun monkyes you can give it away
    and in normal giveaways you cant take more than one key per user so you cant really exploit it
    am i getting this wrong?
  • @yaired: I'd be surprised if people were hoarding codes for selling. Most of them are bundle fodder and have next-to-no value.

    Also, there are some people who miss out on the Humble Bundle free game giveaways (and others) and the like and want to get it after the fact, or they'd like to be notified when a free game deal is live. That's perfectly valid.
  • @crazyrabbits people here took 60 copies lol
  • @liory7 just think about devs they loose money they are stupied to give the away lol but still
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    Nothing to see here, the offending referral link post got deleted.
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