Steam group disabled?

I wanted to join the group, but I get this error:

An error was encountered while processing your request:

This group has been administratively disabled.

is there a way to join this group?


  • The group has been closed by Valve mods for some reason. Think the owner, Carlmundo, is making a website and this forum is part of it, so technically, you're already in.
  • what the reasons, no one knows?
  • @1stTitan

    "Today I finally found out from Steam support why the group was disabled. It's because we were running contests on the forum (contests hosted elsewhere were fine). It wasn't because of our greenlight promotions or certain individuals.

    It turns out that contests are against the TOS which I was not aware of before and I still think it's pretty unfair for us to be shut down without warning. "
  • Huh. So the group could just go back to Steam and business as usual, just without the contests? Seems legit.
  • I think the owner should do more stuff on the website and have links to the steam system to have contests and stuff but just not crossing over though o.o;;
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