Thoughts on the new editions of games.

I am sure most of you are aware of this. But more and more games release a new improved version of games, instead of updating the current game. Sure most games include all DLC and have a discount if you own the original. But i can't help but get a little irritated about this. I wonder if i am the only one that feels this way.
I understand that they make these 'Definitive Edition' for the new consoles and why not release them on PC i guess... but still.
Thankfully some do reward customers and upgrade your older version for free. Which is great imo.

Metro Redux Bundle
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition


  • Yes, especially with games like watchdogs, the game had so much it could prove, but with a remake, it would make the first experience a lot better instead of making a sequel on a game with a crappy launch.
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    I think people who has bought the game first should have advantages over people that just wait for a complete edition or something like that. Mainly because if the people hadn't bought the game at first they would have never released a new one.
    Also people that buy these definitive editions usually get cheaper prices (on the game and the DLCs) and i don't think that is fair (usually DLCs never get big discounts and it is cheaper to buy a "definitive edition" than these DLCs alone).

    I like these "new editions" of games, but on most of the times these should be just a free update for old costumers (or maybe a really low price if it includes new DLCs).
  • @JAZZ Yeah they should be free in most cases. Or a big(more than 50%) discount would be nice. Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition for example. afaik me owning no DLC for that game will get the same discount as someone that owns all of the DLC... that is unfair imo. The discount should be much higher for DLC owners. The more DLC you have the higher the discount.

    I have no problem with the bundles that include the game and all DLC being cheaper later on. Like the Sleeping Dogs Collection. I do have a problem with improved version that sometimes even include bug fixes or content not available in the original game. To me this is like them saying "well you bought the game early but now the game is done( definitive) and you'll need to buy it again if you want the full experience of our game" or "You bought the game on release or preorderd it ? hahah you idiot, should have waited till the game was fully done". Sure we get a 50% discount and all... but if this(Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition) was a 15 euro DLC everyone would laugh in their face...
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    Yeah definitely Metro, fact that they removed the original versions to force buyers to get Redux bugs me too.

    Dungeon Defenders Eternity was another excuse, but DD2 will be f2p so whatever. They're just trying to get some funds for that I guess.

    Undead Labs said they're releasing a remastered version of State of Decay next year, same game/story for Xbox One but also for PC with all the bug fixes and DLCs.... Seriously sequel would've been nicer here.

    The upcoming Binding of Isaac is kinda questionable too. It's the same story but everything polished with full controller support. The controller support is probably the big change, otherwise it'll feel the same IMO.
  • i love new games... that's all
  • @bbzmark While I definitely agree with the hate on remastered editions in general and particularly raged at the absence of DLC price reduction of Dungeon Defenders Eternity, the case is complely different with The Binding of Isaac : Rebirth. The base game couldn't hold anymore than itself and the Wrath of the Lamb DLC because of the obtrusive limitations of Flash. While the game was still great, It could never get to the level that Edmund had in mind. The way the items will work will make them useful to one another in ways that couldn't be created in the original game. While the premise will clearly be the same and the concept of the gameplay should remain, the amount of content which will be added will be very substantial and the different elements should blend into themselves in very awesome ways. If you do believe that the changes will be small, I invite you to look out for all the released info. In honesty, I think this is a rare case of a remastered edition deserving it's release.
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    I dont mind it in cases such as the one with Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (it was sorta justified in a way). But things like the Guacamelee! Turbo Edition which cannot be even bought as dlc for owners of the first it was discounted for those for a few days? A.R.E.S EX barely having some added levels and they have the nerves asking ppl to buy it again? heck no
    Devs need to realise that we are not their cash cows who can be milked to oblivion.
  • It's not as simple as you think, OP.

    There are some situations where the game clearly needs an upgrade or the developer wanted to do more with the game that couldn't be accomplished in its original framework (i.e. the Binding of Isaac example listed above). I'm all for these kinds of upgrades (or complete editions that add all of the existing DLC) - I've come to learn that paying full-price for games is almost never worth it, and there are only a select few that I will splurge on because I want to support the developer.

    On the other side, you get into the weak upgrades where the only thing they've done is polished up the graphics a bit or added one or two items and call it new (Metro Redux, Tomb Raider GOTY, Guacamelee Turbo Ultra-whatever edition). Some are justified (the Metro developers needed to do it because they essentially fled from the Ukraine and needed money), but a lot of others are weak cash-grabs.

    Always keep in mind when you're buying a game that it could receive an upgrade of "complete edition" down the line. That, and your original version of the game will eventually become a collector's item when it's inevitably pulled off the Steam store and superceded by a better version.
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