Steam revoking Knights of Pen and Paper randomly.

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Well nevermind they fixed it quickly. Showed them I had proof of buying it and they put it back.


  • I'm just going to keep an eye on this in case it becomes more widespread than this isolated case. How'd you obtain the game anyway - bundle or Steam store?
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    Was from humble bundle. I don't really know I got a strange, email from steam saying Query account by CD-key‏. Which is strange, since I had a link to activate it. They really didn't tell me much, just to change my passwords and stuff. There reason they took it away was payment was revoked. I was like.... I bought it from humble bundle and that was a few months ago, all my other games I got are fine.

    I pretty sure tho it might of been a fake report on me. Probably pissed someone off, cause I wouldn't give them all my items lol.
  • which humble bundle it was in? i cant remind if i own it or not.
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