Steam play for free during the weekend

Steam is hosting its largest "free weekend" promotion ever that will allows users to play 10 full games at no charge until Monday.

Starting at 10am PST tomorrow (that's 6pm for UK folk), the following games will be completely unlocked at no charge throughout the weekend.

Blade Symphony
Company of Heroes 2
Don't Starve
Grid 2
Killing Floor
Payday 2
Trine 2
XCOM: Enemy Unknown

These games will also be deeply discounted should you choose to purchase them for keeps.


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    I like how steam is giving a free weekend for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, when its free on GMG right :). I own most of those but some Ill try like Blade Symphony or Pay Day2.
  • Also i have exchange student now
  • Awesomenauts
    Blade Symphony
    Killing Floor
    Payday 2
    Trine 2
    XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    Already got those games.

    Might go for the new payday 2 dlc if they get a discount
  • i have one of them, that one i got free...
    am i poor ?
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    "deeply discounted" - I hope it means the DLCs also get deeply discounted as well, since quite a few games on this list have a fuckton of them.

    As to whether the discounts are "deep", well, the jury's still out on that.
  • None of them.
  • @martijnvkk
    You are not alone :)

    Interested in: Grid 2, Injustice and Payday 2
  • Trine 2 0.00% o.0
  • @nenesio I'm not entirely surprised. It's probably the most indie and least well known of all the titles here (not to mention it's the game in the list that was probably bundled the most).

    I haven't tried it yet but from what I see, it's an underrated and lesser known game. Maybe they need more exposure.
  • So many to choosee =P <3
  • Big Free Weekend, and always discount for those games too. Going to buy Don't Starve this weekend :)
  • It like Sniper elite or only free weekend with big sale?
  • @chriss01cz no like free weekend with big sale :(
  • Pity.. All these games for free is only dream :D:
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