Free Android Game @Humblebundle! (Another one added)

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The Spookening is free right now!
Next free game give will be 3 hoursDAYS!!!! from now

Organ Trail is now also free!

Run! 5k Training is now also free!


  • Thanks - just a quick correction - I think the next game is available in just less than 4 days according to the countdown.
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    Thanks. It is 3 days not hours ;) (edit: oops already said :P).
  • The first 3 games are also almost free, pay 1 cent and you will get them ;d
  • What payment method do you use to pay one cent? Because i tried some time ago and it asked me for 10 cents min. to do the purchase.
  • eww 1 cent thats a lot of cash ;p
  • 3 days 3 hours same thing right ? :$
  • Thanks @shoppa but it does not allow me to pay as guest (i have to create an account), so i think it is not worth it.
    If anyone uses another payment method that allows 1 cent please post here ;) (i will probably never play them but if i can get them almost for free... :P ).
  • @JAZZ try google wallet
  • @Hamstersex are you sure? Because i think it was that payment method which asked for a minimum of 10 cents or so.
    I can try to see if they allow it now, thanks ;) .
  • @JAZZ I thought the payment that needed 10 cents was Bitcoin, wasn't it? I know for a fact that I can't do a 1 cent payment using that (tried a few times).
  • @K3W3L But with google wallet i tried some time ago and it asked for more than 1 cent (maybe a year, so they can have changed it).
    Maybe i will try it later to see if i can do it now.
  • Organ Trail on android now free
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    Nice :)
  • Thanks for the heads up.
  • Run! 5k Training was added
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