If I clicked more then once on "Reserve" will that harm my eligibility to get the games?

So I'm worried about this because for two games after I clicked "Reserve" and then later came back to their page I noticed the reserve button is available again so I thought the earlier clicks didn't count or that it's bugged and I clicked again few more times.

Later on I've read in the comments someone saying that you only need to press once and that it will count even if refreshing the page will show the "Reserve" button again instead of message saying the game has already been reserved.

So did I screw myself or will I still get the games once they're greenlit?


  • I do that, sometimes...
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    I did this with Blob from Space, because I only noticed the extra bit about a Desura beta key as I was closing the tab, so had to "Reserve" again to make it reappear. Hoping the system is smart enough to just filter out duplicates and doesn't blindly exclude us.
  • I actually asked an admin (Carlmundo) about this earlier today via a profile post. The response I got was "It's fine :)" so there shouldn't be a problem.
  • Happened before to me, i can't remember all the games i reserved so i do it again, ive been fine so far
  • @ChibiCthulhu @Elfangorax @shoppa - It's fine. The system will never enter you more than once.
  • Thanks Carl! Will you implement a list, which shows on my profile, that which games did I reserve? I know that there is an e-mail sending system, but I get so many mails to check wether or not I reserved my game.
  • Because I swear I reserved games that I never got keys for (and no reply from my emails) any that I have even the shadow of doubt about not reserving I have hit the reserve button again just in case. I like that it emails you now though so I can just double check that.
  • @Elfangorax - regarding Blob in Space they will actually send you an email with the Desura redemption :)
    In fact they've lately been sending out emails after every reservation is made.
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