Useful Steam Websites

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Newest deals and bundles:

Price comparing tools:

Released greenlight bundled games;

Status of greenlight titles;
Monthly Keys Added:
Daily Keys Added (Note: Go to the very last page of this discussion):

Bundle websites;

Game deals;

Freebies (Sometimes)

Steam groups (Free games, deals etc.);

Steam Database;

How much is my Steam worth?

Steam Trading Cards & Badges Database; (useful tool for people who wish to complete their cards set)

Is Steam down?

Coupon finder sites/group(s) (also useful to see current bundle deals, inventory listing and co.) (group where you can request coupons, donate the ones you dont need and such)

Steam profile/achivement stats

Is this game region locked?


Do you know anymore useful websites? Post them below, or staff members feel free to edit this post :)
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