Steam keys dont work!

I got both Swipecart and Sweezy Gunner keys, but both have been used? Can anyone help me with it?


  • Back then I just kept the keys in my mail box, how come they be reassigned?
  • I haven't or plan to giveaway "my" keys
  • About 2-3 days
  • So i can't get my keys back?
  • Jtm You have reshared your keys on Steamgifts if you wanted the keys be fair and don't reshare if its not allowed
  • So I cant share keys from other members of this group?
  • On the redeem page where you enter that you want the game it says the game is for personal use only
    you reshared both SwipeCart & sweezygunner on steamgifts

    the games arent even group shared just normal share

    but if you wanted the games you should activate them yourself insted of giving them to someone els and then say they do not work and ask new ones
  • jtmjtm
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    OK, my bad, i apologize. That's a lesson. However, Madgizmo, I am not trying to ask for extra new keys, from start to end my keys never works, and the keys I talking about isn't for my own use, which now I noticed that is wrong.
  • no means am i an admin or have any other say with this group but in my own opinion i would say sharing a key with a personal friend would be fine but to put it on ST or SG for monetary gain is not. To put said key on SG and then come here saying "I got both Swipecart and Sweezy Gunner keys, but both have been used?" is just a douchbag move!
  • jtmjtm
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    I didn't notice that I can't share the keys on those website back then, now i am sorry for that, I hope I haven't learn this lesson the hard way. But Congregate and Madgizmo , I have to clarify that no one had used the key, and i am not here to get the key back for myself or try to get extra steam key, if that's what you mean. Anyway, that was my fault, and i admit it.
  • I apologize for using those keys in giveaways, which now i find out was wrong. But my only purpose of this post is to find out why the winners found those keys don't work. I've never redeem those keys, and i am not trying to get extra copy for myself.
  • the winner Lyramalk for Sweezy gunner won the game you gave his key but he reshared the key again then a user called Lyra activated that key
  • So Madgizmo, you mean the key actually works, and Lyramalk was lying?
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    Im not calling anyone a lyer but
    This one is yours:
    and Lyramalk won it

    then 2 days later he made this one:
    and TotalSilo won it

    so who did what and who is lying i dont know but you can see what i mean

  • ok Madgizmo, thx for your information, so now the problem is solved
  • No problem but next time don't reshare and you will not have this problem ;)
  • As i have said, I hope I haven't learn this lesson the hard way. =[
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    @jtm, wrokred asked you numerous times if you had given them away on SteamGifts. You denied this. You lied.

    Don't waste people's time.
  • Carl, I had admitted that was my fault, did you read through the whole thing?
  • I had apologized for trying to conceal the giveaway, which was my fault. And i'm just here to ask why the winner said the keys don't work, and i'm not trying to get extra key.
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