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Hi all,
Since yesterday every several (4-8? - i refresh a lot the web with F5) times i try to acces this web i have to fill a Captcha, and today it shows a message that maybe i should scan my computer to find malware.
I am scanning now (avast) and i did a full scan yesterday (it found 1 file yesterday but i doubt it is related).
My doubt is, is it showing the captcha because i refresh (F5) a lot of times the web, or should i be worried?
I don't mind to fill the captcha if it is because i refresh too many times but if it is because of malware (i doubt it), please give me some advice.

Thanks ;) .

P.S. the (quick) scan finished and seems clean.


  • the web captcha is security settings site, and notice of malware is a warning others to sell
  • try including a screenshot
  • image
    When I enter the site asks to put this captcha I do not understand ? WHAT the wrong I 've ever done in my scan disk and already desfragmentei the disc!
    Excuse me for bad Inglês
    I speak Portuguese Brazilian !
  • As NatanPlayer posted, that is the screen and if you scroll down a bit you see the warning.
    I think this is not related to the amount of times you refresh the page but it appears once some time has passed (i have no idea but maybe every 30 mins?).
    So, is this normal? do i have to do something to fix it or is it problem of the network or maybe of the web?
  • Never seen anything like this
  • Then this is weird. As i said i am getting it all the time :S . Hope @Carlmundo can tell me what is happening :S .
  • I'm getting it all the time too. I've checked my computer, and scan it weekly for malware, so I don't really know what's happening here, but I'm getting tired of having to enter that captcha everytime I want to get in here. EVEN when trying to enter with my phone!!!
  • I'm getting it too
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    Yeah, everyday when I come to WGN this message appears!!! :(
    This is my story, this is my life. Kappa
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    Mmmhh, who edited the title of the thread? :P

    Well, i am "testing" (just using the web) and by now i have not seen that page again. If i do i will report here. (probably you fixed it as the web was down for a while).
  • that looks like malware

    try looking at your browser extensions if the problem persists
  • Fortunatelly since yersterday i have not seen it again, so i guess it was related to the web on some way because it was down for a while and when it came back again i did not receive it anymore (hope it keeps that way :P ).
  • If you get the message, it does not mean you have malware. It means that it's a security precaution. It was displaying for some people in certain countries so I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Good, thank you for the official answer ;) .
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