Question on steam keys

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Meant if I have the game long time ago but I want the DLC and Soundtrack since its cheaper which is in the Deluxe Version so would it allow me to redeem the deluxe version of key?
More info Regular game=only game, Deluxe version=game+dlc+soundtrack

Redeemed game already now I want to use a key of the same game except with the dlc included will it work?


  • Not sure what you mean ? Are you asking if you buy a deluxe edition of a game the key will work ? Of Course it would... you don't need to own DLC or a OST to buy the base game... in fact you can't.
  • @Premchand rewrote it so little less confusing.
  • I think that in general, Steam will let you redeem a key as long as you don't own everything that the key activates. So if you have a base game in your library, it won't let you activate another key for that same game. However, if you have a key for a the game+DLCs, you could activate it to add the DLCs to your library. You wouldn't get another copy of the base game though. I think I've done this myself a few times, with keys from bundle purchases.

    So in short, yes, I think you can successfully redeem a game+DLC key if you already own the game.
  • I did that recently. Had 6180 the moon normal version, then came into a deluxe edition key with the soundtrack DLC included. Activated key successfully.

    No spare game copy, of course.
  • Awesome thanks for the info
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