How to redeem codes for Demise of Nations: Rome

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Demise of Nations is FREE (but comes with In-App payments).
However, codes supplied by us will fully unlock the game.
  1. Download and install the game:
  2. Launch the game and go into the [Modding] screen.
  3. Paste the code into the "Promo Code" input field (you can use "Ctrl+V" to paste).
  4. Press the ENTER key to apply.
The game is now fully unlocked!



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    Dev is aware of the login problem and is currently working on resolving it. Monitor this thread (it's not an official thread, but the issue was first broached there) for the current status of the situation.

    EDIT: According to Diothorn, it seems to be working, however I'm currently still getting the error.

    EDIT 2: After a lot of multiple retries, I finally logged in (but still in the process of activating the code). Keep retrying.
  • 'Error reading result' with steam login
  • same error on me...
  • worked after some times
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    Steam login still doesn't work.

    Update... After a lot of tries Steam Login worked and were able to redeem the code...
  • thx, work
  • Server connections were a bit problematic, so if you get the error: try again. Keys are good, servers are just a bit wonky atm. :)
  • "However, codes supplied by us will fully unlock the game."

    Does that include multiplayer as well, or do we still have to pay for it?
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    Logic question: where does this code goes to? Is it bind to your Steam account somehow (clouded, maybe?) or to game files WHERE. If I redeem code, then uninstall game, install it 1 month later will I still have its benefits?
    Why logic, you ask, because it is not Steam code. And there is no word about other account.

    Does that include multiplayer as well, or do we still have to pay for it?

    I heard in reviews, that it was fixed already.
  • I launch the game , paste my code , hit enter , choose steam login , I wait and finally a window with invalid format appears
  • i cant open the game
  • Não entendi como ativa a key ;-;
  • I am the developer of the game. Sorry for replying very late to this topic! When I launched the game nothing was here, and now I am very late to reply. Again my apologies! By the way, my thanks for supporting the game to get greenlight! Really appreciate it!

    re-not being able to paste the code: the initial server was extremely slow at the beginning to respond. Still needs improvement but you should be able to post it now to fully unlock the game. If you are having problems, please email me at contact at or contact me at Steam under "noblemaster1" (or noblemaster).

    re-unlock code: it fully unlocks the game, i.e. you can download all the maps for free. Free multiplayer as well.

    > If I redeem code, then uninstall game, install it 1 month later will I still have its benefits?
    Yes, you can uninstall/install the game as many times as you want & your unlock code will still be there for your account (just login with the same Steam account and it will all be where you left it off). There is no time limit either until when you have to use the code. The game is currently released as EARLY ACCESS and you want to wait, no problem there. The unlock code will work after full release also.

    If you are still having problem, questions or concerns, please post in the official Steam discussions of the game or email me personally at contact at & I would be glad to answer to any requests. Thanks :)
  • Does it still work? I couldn't find promo code entry field to enter the code in game.
  • I just tried it and it seems that the code is not working anymore. Is there any possibility to get another chance for such code?
    Thanks a lot for your efforts!
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