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General etiquette applies here. Be respectful to other users.

If you're looking to promote your game, you can contact us via email: press [at]

Prohibited Content
  • Adult content
  • Begging or asking for free games
  • Deals from unauthorised resellers
  • Earning/Points sites for free games
  • Email addresses - posting your own or one that belongs to an individual
  • Free BitCoin, Gift cards etc
  • Greenlight promotions (without permission)
  • Money making schemes
  • Link shorteners
  • Posts in all CAPITAL LETTERS
  • Referral links
  • Self Promotion (without permission)
  • SPAM
  • Trading
  • Download Links
  • 1 entry per household
  • Prizes are not for resale, trade or public giveaways but you may give them to friends and post the codes on a forum as long as is not for your own gain.
  • Do not create multiple accounts
Comment cooldowns
All new posts will need to be approved by a staff member. Existing members should be approved faster than new members.


  • Thank you Carl.
    Recently, I saw too many referral links...

    Is there a way to "pin" these discussions? So they always stay on top and thus visible?
  • Speak only English.

    No adult content.

    ^ You forgot 2 rules :p
  • @shoppa - In regards to adult content, "General etiquette applies here."
  • may no fake giveaway and link to scams.
  • edited July 2014
    Maybe just a general 'no posting links without the approval of an admin'? Or do you think that's too harsh?
  • That would be too hard.
    How would you post a link to a deal or giveaway then?
    No, more moderators could help checking/maintaining this.
  • @ShrekMcDreck 'no posting links without the approval of an admin' how to real deals and giveaway. that is a short time and stuff like it
  • Are there any moderators here? It would be nice if there were, someone to close the threads violating these rules or making duplicate threads of something, which I've seen a lot of since I joined not long ago. Also different colors for usernames would be nice to differentiate regular users and adminstrators, because I can hardly tell you're an admin Carlmundo. The badge doesn't do the title justice. :P
  • класно
  • @BlueDahlia: Im currently trying to help out Carl with the moderating job currently
  • @Tatsuya You mean you asked him if you could be moderator and he didn't reply?
  • @Papuang He and a few others have been appointed as moderators. I asked them.
  • @Carlmundo My bad, just sounded like someone playing self-appointed moderator.
  • @Carlmundo @Papuang a great example why I think admin/mods should have a distinct color to represent their position! Too much confusion otherwise. It would be a great addition to the forums :)

    @Tatsuya nice going on the moderation status. Good luck in your new position.
  • BlueDahlia: Thankies, I will do my best ^^
    And on the topic: I do agree, it would be nice to have distinct colours for mods
  • @Tatsuya @Carlmundo Reading back what I said, I sounded like an immature, angry 10-year-old, so I'm sorry if it came across that way.
  • @Papuang: Its okay, no harm was done at all ;)
  • edited July 2014
    is Referral links limed to link or dose ref code aslo cont?
  • edited July 2014
    @lukkan99 ref codes are allowed for now.

    If we will see allot of them in the future it might get changed.
  • @shoppa: Okay, so we may keep those without moderating, right?
    I mean, until a certain level, that is
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