Reserved Games Status

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Here's a list of games you may have reserved from old promotions and their current status.
You can check what you have reserved (if any) in your game library:

Cubit The Hardcore Platformer Robot - Developer is currently working on other projects
EmergeNYC - Keys should go out to members soon
Fold the Adventure - Contacted for update on 4 March 2016
Ionic Surge - Contacted for update on 14 Dec 2015
Mission Against Terror (In-Game Items) - Waiting for Steam release, No ETA
Night Crisis Project - Looking to release on Early Access in November 2016. Currently in Alpha, see updates here:
Plith - Still in development, No ETA
Priston Tale (In-Game Items) - Waiting for Steam release, No ETA
Retro Commander (RTS) - Developer is working on Demise of Nations: Rome
SmashBox - Hoping for Early 2016
Space Tank - Development on hold
Stunt Runner - Looking to release in 2016
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