[Steam/Key] Endorlight (Again/HRK)

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https://www.hrkgame.com/giveaway/get-free-game/ ^-^

You need an HRK Account to claim this key (you can use Steam login too)

have fun


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    No i don't. I can login with steam.

    I did everything, this page loads up and 404... www.hrkgame.com/library/inventory/?type=4&giveaway=1
    Trying to reach it again at www.hrkgame.com/giveaway/get-free-game/
    and this nonsense shows up
    At the moment, there are no available free games. Please try again on our next giveaways."

    Of course there is no endorlight in my library...
  • Cysiek said:

    No i don't. I can login with steam.

    ah i forgot it :D thx
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