[Steam] SOLAR FLUX (Ended)


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    At the moment, there are no available free games. Please try again on our next giveaways.
    It was there until I logged in.... Maybe it's not for my region?

    Edit: OH! I've already gotten Solar Flux from HRK before. That's why it's not showing up now, haha. I can be slow on the uptake sometimes.
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    "This page is currently unavailable in your region". I'm in the UK.

    Any other Europeans unable to get this?
  • Good thing i already had that one.
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    Not enough gems to earn this game. Pff

    "With every purchase you make on HRK, depending on the product price and some other factors, you will receive Free Gems." How is this FREE if you have to PURCHASE to get them?
  • IT showed that they have a free God Mode key for me when I clicked on that link. I assume that is something they give away when you sign up? Either way, they said if I logged in I would get a God Mode key.
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    i just see an Premium Giveaway for Dark Sector. : /
  • I only see giveaway for dark sector and you need gems :S
  • You need 15 (!) gems... Not a freebie.
  • plz dont put hrk crap on free section, coz with hrk is never free
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