FORUM SUGGESTION: Separate Freebies to "STEAM (Game keys)", NON-STEAM (Including BETAS, Skins, etc.)

So we can get more streamlined e-mail notifications. For those that don't really want to get stuff for Beta keys, MMO items, CS-GO Skins and the like as e-mail notifications.

It would be nice if we could get separate forum for just Steam Keys and keep all the other Non-Steam keys, beta invites, skins for like CS-GO, and other minor DLCs in their own forum for people that are interested in those kinds of things. I assume most people only want to get Steam Game Keys, but we must get notifications for all the other stuff too. It is a lot of emails to get daily if you sub to those discussions.


  • I do like the idea myself
  • In agreement here as well. We do see a lot of these (and in fact I ended up posting one myself) that I do think it would be nice to split the two.

    (If also to hopefully stop someone repeatedly asking "steam?". :smirk:)
  • Glad a few others think this too. :smiley:

    Hopefully they break these up some. Especially for all those Beta MMOs that we see showing up. Most of those are already on Steam as F2P anyways.
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