So apparently paid mods are coming back on Steam

According to this:

Unless there is some heavy regulation on those and until they get the profit scaling to a sane level, I have a strong feeling that we will have the same community meltdown like last time.

Although Im not sure if Bethesda/Valve really wants to take the risk to tackle something that will cause nothing but drama.

Dont get me wrong, im not against giving options for modders to be paid. But this was already possible years ago through Nexus donations. The usual reply to this is "but barely anyone donates money to these anyway".

But my question is: does anyone really think that putting up a mandatory paywall will suddenly motivate people to give their money and not literally start pirating mods (even the the term of mod piracy sounds ridiculous but sadly it has became a thing)? Isnt it quite contra-productive?

Its one of those debates where finding a compromise is merely impossible and what happened clearly showed the very awful sides of the community, from both the modder and the disgruntled users.

And in all honesty, trying to wide the gap even further and increase the hostility even more between users and modders is hands down the wors thing that can happen.

Then again your opinion may be different of mine, lets discuss this question.



  • As you said donations should be the only thing available.
  • if its like that then scam rates on steam would skyrocket due to illegal and fake mods, if there were a requirements like releasing games / certain lvl or time on steam, then it would maintain it and limit the amount of users that can release mods and thus fake accounts are useless since new accounts cant do a thing
  • Eh we can't stop it but lets look at the brightside maybe better mods will be made then as it would be more of a incentive. But should still have a return available if you don't like it.
  • Yombo said:

    Considering Steam can't keep games off their platform that are basically scams/rip offs, I don't see the mods being any better.

    True we probably get quite a few people abusing it like Digital Homicide.
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