Get Borderlands on Steam if you own a Retail Copy

I just found an interesting article about Borderlands. If you own a retail copy of Borderlands you can get it activated on Steam including your DLC. This is great news since the Gamespy shutdown!

In order to convert your retail copy of Borderlands to the Steam version, please follow the steps outlined below:

You’ll need to find your game disc and you’ll need to create a free Steam account.
Navigate to your game “Library” menu, then select “TOOLS,” and locate the Borderlands Granting Tool. Install this tool.
Installing and running the Borderlands Granting Tool will guide you through the process of getting you a Steam version of Borderlands. NOTE – You will need your Original Game Disc to prove ownership.
After the tool completes, you will be able to install Borderlands from your Steam Library.
What about my DLC or Game of the Year version?

If you purchased any DLC through either the official Gearbox or 2K Stores, or purchased a Borderlands PC Game of the Year Edition outside of Steam, you will need to find your original activation key and redeem it within Steam AFTER unlocking Borderlands on your Steam account. For instructions on how to do that, please refer to the Steam directions on activating a key:

If you have lost your officially purchased DLC Key, you’ll need to visit the Gearbox Support site and follow the steps for recovering a lost key.

If you are unable to recover your Game of the Year (GOTY) code voucher, please submit a support request.


  • Checked, works.
  • Does it work with borderlands 2
  • Borderlands 2 keys have always worked on Steam.

    Borderlands doesn't have keys so they just check the disc.
  • Tell me more about this "Steam account"
  • Probably spyware. better use origin uplay.
  • @madjoki well is cola a good software?
  • Damn... I gave the game to a friend of mine for a couple of weeks and the disk is not in the box. Can't do jack (ᵔᴥᵔ) with it... so I only have a code for DLC. Man... This sucks.
  • With me it's the reverse. I've got the game, which is actually the GOTY edition, except I wasn't ever given any DLC codes. Rip off. I've emailed 2K and they were no help.
  • Never mind I found my copy and it actually worked. And seems like some retards already found exploits for this. Not going to post links... you must find it on your own. Can't really tell if it's real or not but if you are cheap you can try.
  • Yeah, that exploit is shady. I own my copy on PSN and I'm be happy with that, lol, even with the servers shutdown, before I would use something like that.
  • Ok I have disc would I have to worry about having it revoked or getting banned due to others who are exploiting this ?
  • edited July 2014
    wow thanks
  • I got a GOTY key from someone, as a trade. Please, someone tell me, why would I want to do what you said? Can't I stay like this? Why would I do that?
  • @9manny99 you shouldn't since you're not doing anything wrong.
  • This can be done with any licensed copies of games. You can download the license image and activate steam. With this game image can be activated using a program Alcohol 120%
  • hey does this work borderlands 2 disc?
  • no it doesnt work for borderland 2 ...
  • @free_games Borderlands 2 was planned to be a Steamworks title. The retail copy came with a Steam code. If you can't find it on the manual, then you are screwed.
  • Can you get banned?
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