What's your Opinion on those "Publishers"?


I just read both and I don't really know what to do. :o
My tip: Read both posts to the end, it's very interesting.

This (might) be a big problem.


  • Yeah, It's definitely a problem, but not with steam specifically.
    These Kinds of Deals have been around Since The early 90s over the internet, and much earlier in person. The first ones that really got spread were ones promising to get you Myspace (yes, myspace) Followers and Get a wide audience of "real people" In exchange for a small fee, usally $20-$50 For 5000 followers. In The end, if you gave the money, They could either not do anything at all, Spam you with bots following you and risk getting your account banned, or Do a bunch of fraudulent charges on your credit card. This is the same thing, Companies Preying on People in hopes of getting a bunch of money from them in exchange for promises that are just too good to be true.
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    I just left all of these groups.
    Also, you can report each individual group for violation.
  • Its basically Original Giveaway/Traders group all over again but on a bigger scale

    I mean sure free games are nice but things have gotten to a point that Valve needs to step in and do sthg about it.
  • Far more problematic is the death of logic and abuse of the word "free".

    A game requiring work to get is NOT FREE. Gleam "giveaways" are intellectually offensive in this regard.

    Adware is malware. Google playstore needs a malware section instead of labeling apps free which ARE NOT FREE.
  • There is a steam group promoted here that I cannot quickly find offering 'free' keys for adding the game to one's wishlist. I have seen others offering to pay people for writing [good] reviews.
  • Thanks a lot for your opinions, gentleman. :)
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