This is why we cant have nice things vol 2: CS:GO lottery scam, youtuber dishonesty

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Basically what happened is that big youtubers going under the nickname of Tsmartn and ProSyndicate who were uploading,smong other things, uploading videos of them playing on cs;go lotto turned out to be effectively being the owners of said site.

Needless to say, this information was NEVER at any given moment disclosed and it was actually confirmed that there was some serious rigging going on in these videos in order to attract more people.

As of right now, said site is filtered by the site filtering on Steam and hopefully legal consequences will pursue this case.

(ᵔᴥᵔ) like this is why I hope the gambling scene will die off if all it does is encouraging scumbags preying on people and ruining things for everyone if Valve cannot be arsed and start policing this.

Gambling, online or not, needs to be regulated or else fraud will pursue. Its just surreal that literally anyone can start up a gambling site and run away with skins. Granted, its easier said than done and keeping out scammers is downright impossible but doing nothing is even worse.

I was never really a huge fan of skin gambling but this definitely made me quit it altogether.



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    i was never interested in gambling to begin with, for me making profit in a 80%+ chance or so is better then having less then 1% chance to win or loss all my stuff. and guess what? got 10 cs keys ( 8 in inventory ) from litterly retrading the stuff i obtain in small trades...
    to cut it short: Middle finger for gambling sites...
    and to begin with gambling is banned in my country for a reason lol
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    youtuber dishonesty oh no, this is something new!!!

  • Call me crazy but i've always thought this kind of stuff happened, same with games.

    I believe that big streamers get the best connection and if possible good ARG to attract players.
  • Gambling

    Stuff like that is just the norm. Nothing to be surprised about.
  • what a jerk. btw he disabled likes/comments on his youtube channel
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    xSPYROx said:

    what a jerk. btw he disabled likes/comments on his youtube channel

    Not surprised on the slightest

    Yet hes still being encouraged on twitter..go figure
    stryver12 said:


    Stuff like that is just the norm. Nothing to be surprised about.

    Gambling doesnt necessarily have to be like that, if it is REGULATED

    Thats the main keyword here. The House always wins, thats a fact but at least you still have a chance to win unlike when the odds are 100% against you (afaik in the US theres a minimal payout set for slot machines, and in general its not worth for casinos to lose their permits over trying to fraud their users. With internet sites, thats a different story). Not mentioning how not disclosing being affiliated with x and y service like they were and pretending to be everyday users on a site they own is legally a hectic ground.

    youtuber dishonesty oh no, this is something new!!!


    I smell sarcasm
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    Simply put, with what TB said about this matter: if this is the trend that goes on youtube then its not any better than traditional media

    This isnt only about bohoo, gambling sites are rigged omagawd. When someone is a well known "internet" personality whos looked up highly, I would expect a bit more of them than doing that, especially if those people are part of the cs go pro scene *knocks on wood*

    Its bad enough that many cs go pro matches were "fixed" in the past and gambling sites just encourages this behaviour even more.

    I hate to sound like Captain Obvious but this is a subject that needs to be talked about because this rabbit hole has gotten deep enough that it cant be shrugged off anymore because ultimately it ends up damaging the gaming community in all.

    Its everything but good when the already huge accusations of Valve partaking in underage gambling is followed with this drama, making everyone look bad. Not mentioning how this could effect SteamAuth use of third party sites.
  • xSPYROx said:

    Aah yes, that fake apology he made

    Tmartn is so full of (ᵔᴥᵔ)
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