Anyone know a site where they do giveaways for steam kiddie games?

Looking for a site that does giveaways for the games like Putt-Putt series, Pajama Sam games, and other kiddie games on steam since little sister loves them. Anyone know any?


  • i think if u have a lil sister, u should download some cracked games like that on the internet :)
  • I'm not sure if piracy is condoned on WGN, so I can't say don't talk about it, but I wouldn't anyway.
  • @Papuang: Highly doubt it is. There's already been a motion to put it into the Site Rules after the Borderlands fiasco.
  • @K3W3L I just don't want to seem like a self-proclaimed moderator.
  • I doubt there is any site that specializes in giving away "kiddie games", but I'm sure you can find them being given away on Steam Gifts (especially after the Humongous Entertainment bundle).
  • Yea I tried getting one from steamgifts and a few others since I missed that sale maybe next time if its cheap I will get it for her. Also probably wont try getting cracked games again since last time some jerk put viruses in last one I downloaded 2 years ago.
  • Also thanks for the info everyone. Wish me luck on steamgifts.
  • I think Tremor Games has some last time I looked. Granted you need to earn some point, tho they are fairly cheap.
  • Sweet I see two of them guess time to start watching videos for those points. Thanks
  • OMG putt putt, such nostalgic!!! Maybe tremor games have some or if you wish to buy from steam (they do sales on these very often)
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    @K3W3L: Actually warez talk is not allowed anywhere on the forums. Even though its not yet an "official rule", I talked about it with Carl and I think we all agree about it. By warez talk, I mean posts that are literally giving people tips and ways to crack anti piracy methods, downloading games, that sort of things.
    As I mentioned it earlier: this is in our best interest not to see WGN name associate with piracy nor condoning it. Same goes for emulator talk too but that should be up to decide
    actually I might make a sticky about it
  • @Papuang: Its okay, nothing bad happened :)
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    @Xoi_Ga: Keep in mind that piracy talk is not really allowed here :)
    No harm was done just please dont forget that
  • Good to know
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