Is steam freemium legit?

Hey guys,

I've met sites like tremorgames and all to complete offers in return for credits and when you get enough credit you can redeem a game with it but is legit?
Because the games sounds so cheap and in an offer you get like 100 credits and some games cost 140 credits so in 2 offers you got a free game.. but does anyone know if i can trust that site? ._.


  • never heard of it.
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    i use tremorgames and its 100% legit but no idea about freemium
  • That site sounds like its nowhere near Legit so I would stay away from it if I were you
  • Tremorgames is completely legit
    (So is swagbucks, however is this irrelevant and doesn't offer steam cards)

    Mind you that these sites aren't truly "free", and that it uses whatever you input into the site (such as your time and whatever information you place in it) to send off to the advertisers.

    What I'm trying to get at is that if you do use these types of sites be very careful in what you do in them. Hopefully you've got some sense to not put real information and such, just be properly prepared before using them.
  • We don't discuss these kinds of point earning websites here.
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