Duke Nukem is back(?) for the 20th anniversary

But the celebration cake has sadly gone very awry.

As to what do I mean by that? Our "good friends" at Gearbox released Duke Nukem Anniversary World Tour which will be unlocked the 11th october.

Sadly the whole premise falls flat very quickly when it becomes obvious that the game is mostly Megaton Edition with minors enchancment, one additional level and a weapon, minus Duke it out in DC, Life is a Beach, winter levels...

And to top off the sour, the game costs double as much as Megaton, aka 20 dollars.

Yep, thats GB-s idea of "enchanced edition", I dont want to imagine what they will do with the Anthology games after this

If for whatever inexplicable reason you want to preorder this game, you can do it here:


Alternatively you are better off snagging up megaton through trading or from bundle leftovers.


  • Some people are happy with it because it has some of the developers of the original adding-creating more content. But it is true it could be better and cheaper.
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