Virtual Reality Review

wasssup my homefries and homechicks its rad dude here with another awesome review as requested!!!!!

so we are checking this new technowhizz gadget called virtual reality...... what is it!? Dude its the most badass bitchin' way of gaming since Contra!

What im talking about is the brand spanking new Nintendo Virtual Boy..... oh man you wait till you see this babe, its the most rad thing I have ever seen! But not as Rad as me of course, as if! HA! Here's a sneak preview of the prototype!

DAMN SON! .... but keep it chill guys, I am getting one as soon as I win dis surfing competition at the weekend with my prize money!

Now for the techy geek stuff!

This dudical piece of kit boasts a 32 bit processing chip! dude thats so fresh and quick, quicker than any lip i've smashed hitting those waves! It's also the first piece of gear capable of displaying 3D graphics!!!!!!! THAT'S GNARLY.

This k-rad gaming device is mine.... just hope I don't roll on the barrel this weekend homeboys!

Rad Dude
-stylin' & profilin' since 1986


  • as requested????
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  • having mental disabilities is one thing, but being like.... this guy, is just a whole new level
  • carolosjk said:

    having mental disabilities is one thing, but being like.... this guy, is just a whole new level

    What's actually wrong about it though? This is creative writing.
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  • There are just some people you'd like to lie prostrate on the pavement with a curb lodged between their upper and lower jawbones, then jump on their heads repeatedly.
  • Dude ya sound like you got anger issues bro, ya need to smoke some green or chill with some surfbunnies bro.... those bad vibes are gunna consumes ya bro, don't worry! One day you will be happy bro you can get through this dark patch!

    Rad Dude
    -Keeping gnarlatious since 1982
  • I'm requesting a review for the Sega Game Gear. It's a portable game console, but in COLOR! Take that Nintendo!
  • @Reble dude in colour are you serious!? That sounds bombdadical! That must be kicking a 485932 bit processing mega chip to do that! Friggin' ACE!
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