Help us on SteamGifts! (CIV Beyond Earth giveaway, please don't forget to comment on it)

edited October 2016 in General Chat
Hello everyone!
A friend of mine started a little challenge, or test if you may with a simple goal : collecting 1000 comments from 1000 individual users on a giveaway (so commenting multiple times wouldn't help)
(If we reach the 1k comments, then the second round will start with a similar-ish goal. Last time we had goal for 2k entries, expect something similar)
The giveaway's link is Please, mind the rules: you're free to share the link with anyone, anywhere BUT on a public SG topic. I think your chance to win Civ Beyond Earth will likely to be way better than a public level 0 giveaway for the same game, and with a single comment you can help proving that we can work together!
Thank you in advance, and have a nice weekend (and a great Halloween :) )
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