Hearts of Iron 4 Reward Campaign

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Just saw an announcement for this on Steam.
Sign up or login with your Paradox Interactive account at heartsofiron4.com & join one of three factions to receive these rewards once released:

- Free Hearts of Iron 4 Beta Steam Key
- Free Hearts of Iron 4 DLC Steam Key
- Exclusive Content


- The more members each faction recruits, the more rewards will be unlocked for all sign-ups.


  • Your link is blahhhhhhhh.
  • @K3W3L sorry about that. Had to change it since I noticed where I copied it from had a referral link, just copy and paste it. I can't get it to work where it's not sending to a dead WGN page.
  • referrals make baby jesus cry
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    Just use the link syntax generator (or press CTRL+L to directly open it), then follow the syntax there. Quite easy. :)

    The reason why your page linked to a dead WGN page is because you left out the http:// part in front.
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    DERP! I should read the rules!
  • @Neskro: Referral links are not permitted.

    It's the reason why I don't want to bother with this BS.
  • Yeah the referring part sucks, oh well, lol. Thanks though I've fixed the link.
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    Wow, I too should read the rules!
  • Note that even if the bar hits the third tier, it doesn't mean everyone gets a beta key:

    "10 beta invites will be distributed randomly within the crowd of the most dedicated generals who successfully referred 20 or more people."

    Kind of a scummy promotion in general, but at least the DLC's free. I'll add it to the pile of DLC codes for games I don't have yet.
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