Thoughts on HB "Yogscast Jingle Jam"...?

What do you guys think about this bundle? Is it worth it? [seems like it already is] Any expectations on what games will be added next? It's quite expensive, probably most expensive thing I've seen on Humble Bundle, but It's ok deal as for now, probably will be even better as the days pass by; also does the price go up the more days pass? [also sorry for any mistakes it's quite late]


  • overpriced
  • Comes to about 1$ per game. My bet is that won't be worth it for most of the games.
  • Already bought it.
    It's nice to support charity & nice to receive 1 game per day...
    Totally worth it
    1$ per day
    And start games pack is like 10-15$ price.
  • 30$ for 31 games. That is about .95 cents per game. Most of the games are already over 10 dollars making it worth it in my eyes. Plus most of it goes to charity and yogscast was my favorite channel when I was a kid. So I'll defiantly be buying it soon.
  • Actually, it's 30$ for more than 50 games. But I'm gonna wait one or two days for more game to reveal.
  • might turn out to be good though i'm gonna hold out for a week or two to see if it's worth it for me.
  • I'm also going to wait to see more reveals before I can come to a decision about it.
  • the bundle might be good but I will wait near the end
  • it's supposed to be over 50 games included, when it's all said and done..

    for me I picked it up for Shadwen and Guilty Gear... I figure if they include anything else I don't have it'll be worth it..
  • has anyone bought it? do you get access to all the games?
  • @itaybron If you bought it at the begining you get all the keys but now it shows that they have run out of keys for some games, so i don't know if it is worth it to buy it.
  • yeah i saw that. kinda ruined it for me.. i'll check if they readd them and think if i'd like to buy.
  • most of the games actually seems given away for free or bundled at least 1 time.
    and now also some games sold out for new purchasers so its more ruined.
    i think it is not worth it. wait for steamsale and buy a more expensive game from wishlist
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