• Thanks for the headsup :)
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    the reCAPTCHA dose not work while creating account
    After registering somehow it says
    Keys are only available for members that are Level 2+.
    How to do that ?????
    OK found it need to upload images and videos to level up did that
    got the button GET KEY but again reCAPTCHA problem

    Please upgrade to a supported browse
    to get a reCAPTCHA challenge.
    Alternatively if you think you are getting
    this page in error, please check your
    internet connection and reload.
    Why is this happening to me?

    Tried every browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge none worked for me
    Moral of the story I am not gonna play this game.......... :eyas:
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  • Thanks for the link.. I got a key :D
  • Minion Masters has been free all throughout alpha (pre-early access release), interesting that they keep giving it away this early on rather than after they polished it a bit more. Anyway, you should give it a try, it's quite fun at the core despite being rather rough around the edges still.
  • Still 2000left
  • Lancen key
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