How to make *FREE* Amazon gift cards !

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i found two ways to make amazon gifts card ! u have to have luck for them !!
i wont post here refaral link but if u want to register under me pm me !

two methods both *Free* :
1) sign up
2) go here :
3) spin the wheel , get amazon money , and reddem it !

100 coins = one more spin
1 ref = 1000 coins

Fee: $0.35 per transaction.
The minimum redeemable gift card amount is $0.50.

The gift card will arrive within 30 days, so don't forget to check your inbox (mail)!
Exchange inbox must be your registered inbox( acount mail must be the same when redemd) .


One more coming (9$ !)


1) go to
2)sign up (age must be lower then 18) !
3) log in
4) spin once a day to win ! (5$,10$,25$)

P.s: Didnt win yet

u can use fake ref with fake ip and multiplay acoount at your own risk !


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