Want to trade cards for a GOG Account with The Witcher 2 GOTY complete

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i bought a key for the witcher 2 buy later realised it was not for steam. i want to giveaway the complete account with the game in it for steam cards, emoticons and background any value.


  • The Witcher 2 GOTY has been on GOG for free some time ago so i think that you want to trade something that you get for free.
  • i didnt know what GOG was and i bought the key from (ᵔᴥᵔ) just today
  • you might want to delete this post before you might get banned

    trading accounts is forbidden.
  • I hope you learn not to deal with ANYTHING related to that scummy gray market site in the future.

    Also - first and last warning. READ THE SITE RULES. Your post disgusts me.
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