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I tried logging with steam on this page to take a game and I get this message. I have not logged in

"The page you are trying to access has been blocked by our moderators and staff. This site could be linked to phishing, scamming, spamming or malware."

PD: sorry for my bad english


  • Don't know about him, but his domain (.ga) is a free domain, which get autoblocked by Steam. Free domains and websites are a popular choice for scammers, which is why Steam blocks sites that end in .tk or .ga and so forth.

    Also, you can't put these domains on your profile, so I think it's more an automatic security measure.
  • A lot of thanks for the answers :3

    Gracias ^^
  • .us only 0.88 (namecheap)
  • I trust that site and i got lots of free game plus its easy to get also gleam.io is safe i think
  • I already got all the game on that site, and gleamdb.ga too. Guess what? nothing happen <3
  • What about me?

    Yeah, the site is safe though :smile:
    Same thing happened to gleam.io and gameminer (rip).
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    A wild Royalgamer06 appeared. :3

    The question was resolved. But it was not about you, if not about the page XD . Sorry for my bad english again , and thanks for the giveaways.

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