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    Don't craft them steam is glitching you will not get cards for all the badges you craft right now some you will some you will not. EDIT**Seems it goes to your inventory just does not show when you craft the badge. GO AHEAD CRAFT AWAY i am again now
  • I have not too much idea but it is not better to wait to the sale to start, so if there is a "sale game", crafting the badges can help you?
    If i were you i would wait :P .
  • is it possible to craft mysterious badge, or it will be transformed to nomal one, when sale starts?
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    I crafted a badge just now and got Mysterious Card 6

    I think one way you get them is by crafting badge during this winter sale.

    Edit: Crafted another badge to make sure. Confirmed you get one random Mysterious Card from crafting a badge.

    Did a google search. Seems the cards will get transformed to another card or something. Not sure about this part. Would be great help if anyone can clarify.
  • I need official news, but that's very nice.
  • Someone is planing to level up... xD ;) .
  • How it working ? I craft badge and i will get extra mysterius card ? :dizzy:
  • Blizardo1542 If i am not wrong when you craft a badge instead of receiving a coupon you get a Mysterious card.
    But still i think it is better to craft badges when the sale starts :P .
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    What will i get when crafting a game badge after the sale starts? Trading card or coupon?
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