Where do you buy cheap steam games/bundles?

Hey, whats the best website to buy games/bundles from?


  • Humble Bundle
    Bundle Stars

    Those are my "Big 3" where I usually buy...I've picked up a couple of things from Groupees as well, but they also tend to have bundles that are literally just full of garbage games. So, you have to look closely at what's actually in their bundles for the money...sometimes, it's great, but a lot of the time, it's not.
  • ok, thanks
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    HrkGame,because lot of great bundles & i like the gems sistem(in some giveaways "gems" very help to take some very good games)
  • Do the gems get exhausted from giveaways?
  • gama-gama.ru,check the sub id of games and buy the key that u can run.
    Most keys need to be activate by russian ip, just use VPN
    some is locked in limited area and some even locked in language.
    Just check the sub id in steamed.info :wink:
  • Different giveaways take different number of HRK Gems,example=> To get «The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition GOG» You need to have 20 HRK Gems in order to receive this game.
  • Yeah but if you have the 20 gems, do you drop to 0 when you get the game?
  • No, no, absolutely not(yes)
  • Thanks. I was confused because it says you need to have them, it doesn't say it COSTS 20 gems, which makes it technically not a giveaway lol
  • Gems-side effect of buying games\bundles
  • https://groupees.com/ often has 50-cent-bundles.
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    i love your avatar, weelhop!
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