Spam problems on this site

So this site from time to time stays with people filling everything with spam, after that I realized that anyone who was spamming had no account made the same day, was 1 year or months.

These people who spam only want to delete your account or simply do not like the nickname and get to the point that they see that the only wood to change this is to make spam/scam to have the account deleted via a ban

Why do not you just stop with this wave of spam and implement a tool to delete your own account? With this site full of spam makes me want to spam myself to be banned and never use this site again...


  • hey there

    we are doing our best of effort to clean spam, sadly our comment reporting system recently went completely nuts and thus making it near impossible to see what has been reported.

    Rest assured we are aware of the issues and are actively working on getting them fixed as soon as possible
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