how to make a giveaway of 1 steam key?

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i have a group on steam and want to give a nice key for one lucky member of my group... but on te system... if someone knows how, please tell me!

TY :)


  • só compartilha o link, lembrando não pode ser referencia e tem que ser algo que compense participar.
  • Do a steamgifts giveaway
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    hahahaha, its in portuguese but if you can add me on steam and i send you the link for the group.
    its against the rules put the link here but my profile on steam isn't... so:

    there are some people who only speak english, if come a lot i will translate the posts.

  • @Ph3ll1pZ , tipo, eu nao sei como que faz o sorteio pelo só ia divulgar no grupo msm... é só pra ser justo e não simplismente fazer um drop e só quem tiver online e for rapido ter chance entende.

    se souber como faz sorteio no gleam me ensina, ja te add na steam.
  • Just add a required step to join your steam group. However, I believe now made steam options for premium members only.
  • if there's another way to make it, from other site or something like that... tell me.
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