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  • I don't know
  • Csgo is probably besides the old cs games the best tactic shooter. People that play it for the "voilence" part of the game are probably not even old enough to play it.

    Its really addicting because you get a really good game for cheap, there are hundreds of gamemodes besides matchmaking and casual, like surf, hide n seek and jailbreak.

    Overall its fun to climb the ranks and train weeks to get an uprank and improve yourself.

    A thing that bothers me really hard are russians, hackers and 64 Tick servers.
  • drops. Since the Arms Deal update it turned into profitable/epeen. Thrills. Look at this dude:
  • same like dota , or i can tell you , its depends with ppl who play that
  • i bought cs:go $8, and profit $200++ (sell box+knive @market from item drop)
  • davedays You were lucky if you could find a knife, but selling cases is good too as, at least (and with some time) you can get the price of the game back.
  • it has a lot of strategy
  • Question with an obvious answer.
    If you become a good player you will want to join a team to participate in several tournaments. Online and Offlines.
    U want learn and pratice new tatics with your team.And win prizes. For that u new very hours of course.
    And the CSGO community is something spectacular. When you start playing, you're going to get hooked like everyone.

    Check some videos:
    -> BEST MAJOR TOURNAMENT (u must See dat)
    -> Plays from ProPlays with Reporters Reactions
    -> Famous Youtuber Chilling with comunity
  • @j0kerLUX 's comment making me laugh ;P
  • There's also the fact that the in-game items cost quite a bit of money especially crates. Earlier I wasn't aware of this fact, when I found out I was motivated a lot more and never realized I was bored like earlier.
  • Because I can hack on it :)
  • CSGO player myself.

    Its an esport so it is all tactical and skill dependent. It really draws people in. Case opening is also a type of gambling, so people would playing CSGO just for that.
  • I play CSGO and like it because:
    - It's a shooting game, and the violents are fake, no one were killed. What you see were just a program.
    - That's the way I keep in touch with my friends, even friends from primary school or kindergarten.
    - Finally, because I like the Counter-strike series. Fun fact: one of the guy who created the first counter-strike game was Vietnamese origin, which is where I live now :smile:
  • Because the Itens
  • I used to like CS:GO for simple reasons. Not even the items, just because it was fun. Of course, there were hackers, sometimes weird bugs but this is not that important. It's not for the killing neither, not even the strategy. Just because there can be fun actions sometimes, or you just totally rush like idiots and it works, you know, this kind of things. It's something that can't really be found in a lot of games, because they have a story or things like that. In CS:GO, you can just have fun with friends, at least that's why I liked it.
  • fun to make ur time go by faster.
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    Personally I love violence in video games.... It's just that I would rather a well thought out, visually appealing, and fun single player campaign such as in DOOM than just tossing people onto some random map to kill one another...... I find the later extremely boring after one or two rounds.... there's no variation in it, and most of the people who are into PVP shooters play them often enough and know the maps like the backs of their hands that you've no chance against their more polished skills, and YES PVP shooters DO attract alot of hackers and cheaters..... just not at all my idea of fun.
  • it's not about the violence. it's about how tactical, dynamic and fluid the game is. i personally like the game for the fun actually. i don't really care about ranks and it's one of my first pc games. i've been playing the franchise for 10 years (i've played cs 1.6 10 years ago, didn't like source that much and i started to play csgo on 2015 because i was focused on my studies at 2012 until 2015). i was dumb lit when the game was announced back at 2012. and some people might play this game just for the skins, so basically when something bad that's related to skin is happening, they tend to quit the game. many youtubers have done that and i just don't understand why could people pay so much for items that don't even exist in the real world. i personally like to use skins, but i tend to use the cheap ones. i don't wanna spend so much money on something that doesn't really affect my life xD
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