Need Help? Installing Repack ISDone.dll Error

i was installing an game an i got error ISDone.dll
C:\Users\Myname\AppData\Local\TEMP_~1\is-B95TU.tmp\_Redist\test.bat in the module ISExec!
it never starts unpacking i found it really strange.The only fix i found in internet was to replace ISDone.dll in temp directory just after starting setup.But when i tried it said The files cannot be replaced because program is being used by another application(i.e. Setup.exe).If i close setup temp folder vanishes too. IDK how to fix this error i tried replacing ISDone.dll in System32 and SysWOW64 if you have any suggestion help me plz. Also the temp folder name changes everytime i run Setup.exe


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    i use win8.1 64 bit OS
  • Have you restarted and tried that again, or in Safe Mode? Setup.exe shouldn't be running in safe mode.
  • i tried safe mode too by running- msconfig-boot minimal mode and restarted it again gave me same error.
  • seems like warez :)
    is done dll when the repack finished?
    repack? that only exist in pirated games.
    please go and use warez forums and not wgn!
    or tell which game :D
  • ok game is redout its fitgirl repack but i realize after downloading another game just to test problem with repack and realise non of fitgirl repack actually work for me. It always gave me error while unpacking temp\_redist\test.bat is in module ISExec! then cannot start process QuickSFV.exe and setup ends
  • So basically you're admitting to piracy.

    Look for help elsewhere. Not condoning any piracy discussions here.
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