The scamming groups BumbosasGiveaways and FSGGA

hello guys. just wanna warn you about this guy #Bumbosas

he's been scamming people for a long time. basically what he does is. he ask for donations (cards, gems, keys, items) and the one who donates the most gets a 100$ steam wallet or whatever the prize is. he takes everything and never gives back. also he keeps posting fake/used steam wallet on his groups just to get people's attention. hes been banned on steamrep already and hopefully he gets trade ban on steam soon. check the links below of his both accounts and groups and the report on steamrep:

his main account:
his scamming account:
group 1:
group 2:
steamrep report (ACCEPTED):

check all his fake steam wallets giveaways. not even 1 winner was announced:


  • Thanks for the info mate.
  • As a lithuanian (just as the owner of the group), I strongly agree.
    There were events when he streamed gta 5 and "gave many steam keys". When he was asked to finally drop the keys, he just said few random names (lithuanian memes) and claimed that he sent it to them in pm.
    Also there were many events when he was drunk and posted weird announcements.

    But the ugliest fact is that he asks to place a bet to win an expensive steam key that doesnt even exist. Thats big money!

    I think it should be taken down or something. Just to save others from scamming.
  • I have Enhanced Steam installed and the both profiles appear as SR Scammer (Steam Rep).
  • thank you bro
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