Any way to get CS:GO at a lower price than 9€?

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It is it's price right now: 9,10 €, as I have seen in Instant Gaming...

So as I've asked before, is there any way to get it at a lower price, I mean... discounts and that stuff?



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    wait for steam summer sales

    About 2 months
    Historical Lowest Price: 1,99€ at Steam on 3/14/2014
    I remember that day. LOTS of wall hack and aim and spin bot users... Atrocious times. Derank times.
  • i got csgo for 2 $ from trading cards which basically means free. :smile: Just wait for sales. :) i had god a lots of cheap skins like evil dynamo mw, ak elite build fn and worm god fn. which i lost in cases. :no_mouth: . Trading cards all the way but the games at sales all the way. Let gaben have some fun.
  • Could go to and play games for points then just get it free while gaming :smile:
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