Did you also get an email from SEGA with this stuff?

Today I was checking my mails, and there was one from SEGA, with this site: https://enfer.games2gether.com/ .
Now, I spent 2 hours talking with the bot, until I unlocked some sort of "admin" panel. There are linux lookalike codes, and if you just paste them, you'll see some cool artwork pictures.

Does anyone have an idea what is this? :o


  • I got a similar email although I didn't follow the link as I didn't have time... bizarre.. weirdest marketing campaign I've seen... except for Nintendo's recent weirdness on facebook...
  • where's the link to admin panel, the bot only referring to community forum
  • Games2Gether is run by Amplitude Studios (Endless Space, Endless Legend). I would imagine it's something new from them.
  • Yea its strange, u talk with a fucking computer (idk if its a computer/machine), but its bizarre, i tried to talk and he asked strange things.
  • its pretend AI, i spent about 2 minutes with it and left.
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