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  • Merry christmas to all of our members at WGN !

    Hope you all have some wonderful celebrations, make sure to take care and I wish you a very wealthy New Year ,full of chances and opportunities.

    On behalf of the staff I would like to say a heartfelt thank you for your support and for all of your feedback, without you WGN wouldnt be what it is now: a dynamic, always growing gaming community for more and more people which also helps giving exposure for many talented indie devs.

    Make sure to stick with us for 2016 as well! ;)

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  • Good number of giveaways just for you guys (ended)

    Since I had a number of unredeemed humble bundle games, I decided to share the love and giving you the possibility to win those games :)

    giveaway ended, gift was sent to the winner via email

    Guacamelee! Gold Edition

    Papo & Jo

    Surgeon Simulator 2013

    Please keep in mind that these giveaways are intended for the members of wgn only, so please dont post those links outside of the forum if possible :)

    Thank you and good luck everybody ;)

    winners will get their game sent through email or I will add them on steam and give it that way, it MAY take a day at very worst case to get them delivered though since Im not sure if I will have the time to send them right away after the giveaways are ended (afternoon university class).
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  • Merry christmas to you all

    On behalf of the WGN staff, I would like to wish all of you a very merry, joyful christmas and a wealthy, rich in succes 2017.

    We hope to see you all in next year as well! :)

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  • How to tell if a site is an unauthorised reseller

    Since the amount of sites offering steam games has increased radically the past few years (as well as the amount of dodgy ones too), I though it wouldnt run to give you all some basic tips to make sure that you are not wasting your time and money.

    First of all

    How do we define legitimate resellers?

    Any site which do have an official agreement with Publishers/Developers is considered to be it, including most of these major bundle sites too. To give you a quick rundown of some of these legitimate sites:
    Humble Bundle,

    Unauthorised resellers: now these are those sites you should be definitively vary of, most of the time they are offering keys (or steam gifts) from unknown sources .

    Most important things to look out for when checking these sites

    Price: as a general rule of thumb, newly released AAA titles are discounted around 20-25 percent, games that are a bit older /have been bundled before can reach a bigger discount. Using isthereanydeal.com is usually a good way to see if the discount offered by xy site is much different from the big named sites ones aka probably too good to be true (then again the opposite can be true too). There are obviously some exceptions but they are more often than not very rare.

    for example: site offering you Five Night At Freddys with 50 percent discount : more likely legit since the game was discounted/included in bundles several times.

    site offering you Dying Light for 10 dollars: suspicious

    Site layout, general design: Legitimate businesses tend to put more effort into making a good looking website while dodgy ones usually prefer to throw a bunch of basic default templates together and calling it a thing.

    Language: Any site using broken english/ full of spelling mistakes is not something that you would see for example in a general store and so you shouldnt expect any different from sites offering digital goods either.

    WOT/any other sites rating: Thats a very important (!!) part, as they can be a very meaningful sign as to whether or not the site is legitimate. Do take these with a grain of salt however, since many shady ones tend to have many fake positive reviews too.

    Shipping method: legitimate businesses tend to deliver the bought products through mail or by attaching it to your store account (if there is any). No legitimate site would EVER ask you to send them a copy of your personal documents or asking you to let them activate the game game trough Teamviewer/remote control.

    That would be it for now, hopefully this will come useful to at least give you a general ideas as to what you should look out for when doing your shopping for steam games. I might do other tutorials too if there is need for it :)

    Please let me know if you think this tutorial was useful and if I should add additional things that I may have missed.

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  • Free Magicka Wizard Wars Starter Pack giveaway

  • Something to ponder about for a moment (serious thread)

    Allow me to tell you a story based on real life happenings, a story that unfortunatly have grim conclusions

    2-3 years ago, a person posted this on steamgift forum: http://www.steamgifts.com/discussion/YCRqM/my-last-words-on-steam-and-to-everybody-this-thread-is-not-trolling-it-serious. The guy was in a serious emotional condition after having played BoI (likely something triggered childhood trauma or something else), and was asking for help. He sadly couldnt find an ear to listen to.....

    Not long after, the very same person jumped in front of a train: http://www.inquisitr.com/1028357/bart-fatality-16-year-old-fausto-delgado-killed-by-train/

    Its not my job to try and make a verdict as to whether or not trolls or people who didnt took his plead for help were/are in the wrong. Just remember that behind the screen, behind the avatar, there is also a human being, and more too often people who are threatening with suicide are not kidding.

    What I would like to ask everyone: IF you happen to know/would come accros somebody who might be having suicidal thoughts, DONT let them on their own. Make sure to get in touch with their relatives (if you have the possibility) as well as redirect that person to their local suicide prevention/emergency hotline or center. DO let the person affected know that they are not alone, that there is help for their situation

    Some useful links in these situations

    https://www.iasp.info/resources/Crisis_Centres/Europe/ (EU)

    http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ (US)

    As much as it might be considered slightly offtopic for this site, I believe this is a subject that should be or rather needs to be talked about at least once, because depression is something that can affect even us, gamers. There is nothing worse than seeing a life so young wasted away....

    R.I.P Fausto

    To tell you a bit of personal story, as to why I specially felt the need to post this: I used to be depressed myself back in the days, I was overwhelmingly bullied on a certain site that I wont name here for personal reasons. I had people flaming me and some literally telling me to go and kill myself.
    and I would be lying if I would say that there werent moments when I didnt seriously considered this option..

    But thanks to a good friend of mine, I slowly but surely recovered from this, he helped me realise how foolish would it be for me to throw away my life just like that. If it werent for him and many other people.....you could say that I wouldnt be sitting here right now, writing this.If someone then I know firsthand how awful he may have felt, because I was in his shoes once. I had the strenght to stand up, to not lose hopebut that doesnt mean everyone would be just as lucky...
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  • Code Drop & Quick Giveaway Thread

    @lucaisi: please refrain from spamming
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  • Code Drop & Quick Giveaway Thread

    Dang.. another tha post before read the rules... @pyscho72 PLEASE NO Begging or asking for free games... @Tatsuya @Shoppa

    It would be a good idea that only people with a certain time and a minimum post can read and write in this topic
    User has been dealt with afaik
    And good idea actually, will transfer it to Carl as soon as I will have some spare time. Might reduce the amount of spam and maybe people would be less likely to break the rules.
    Then again, bounding it to minimum amount of posts MAY cause a number of people commentfarming ij order to he able to post here. Howevee we really need a better solution since making this thread visible for logged members only clearly isnt enough.
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  • Jet Gunner key received yesterday and already in use

    @DavidRbb: Allow me to correct you: No, your not feel free to do whatever you wish with those keys as these are for personal use. Which part of it you dont understand? -.-
    If you are here just to exploit the site then feel free to leave right now, door is right ahead. We dont feed the leeches here.
    This is a private site with its own rules which means that your not entitled to anything. These promos are privileges not human rights
    No offence but you seem to be a really sad person with your mentality you have

    Also wrong forum topic
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  • Code Drop & Quick Giveaway Thread

    @zardaxian: do you understand that I dont give a shit who started it but
    you will both stop it
    You can continue this arguing but I guarantee that it wont end up well for you
    This is NOT primary school neither is a kindergarten. Also may i remind you that this is private website? or else you respect the rules or else you leave, just as easy as it goes
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