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  • The Steam Summer Sale Thread

    How to survive steam sales
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  • If I clicked more then once on "Reserve" will that harm my eligibility to get the games?

    So I'm worried about this because for two games after I clicked "Reserve" and then later came back to their page I noticed the reserve button is available again so I thought the earlier clicks didn't count or that it's bugged and I clicked again few more times.

    Later on I've read in the comments someone saying that you only need to press once and that it will count even if refreshing the page will show the "Reserve" button again instead of message saying the game has already been reserved.

    So did I screw myself or will I still get the games once they're greenlit?
  • Games with drops.

    Sins of a Dark Age is a free MOBA that's well integrated with steam (and is only available on steam). You get an item drop almost every match.

    Most items can be sold for anywhere between 0.03 - 0.20 € which is not a lot. Some gear recipes can be sold for several euros though. This game's market is not very stable at the moment and it's changing from time to time.

    I personally play it because I love the game though, it's my favorite MOBA and I hope it'll get popular soon so earning some money on it is just a plus.