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  • Ummm I see no mention of that game anywhere on their site.... and why didn't you just link directly to their site http://www.tinybuild.com/ ? What perks does directing us to their mailing list get you? Edited. Better enough for you?
  • No. Our policies and stances on this matter are perfectly clear. I don't care if you're an employee or not. You do not under any circumstances post about them.
  • It was a beta key, you weren't meant to keep it.
  • the anti-spam system sure works here " He posted something before this thread, if you mean the "first-comment-must-be-approved"-system^^" They're growing a brain. Shame they aren't using it wisely.
  • what is rts Real-time strategy Have you tried company of heroes? I think it's a pretty sweat game I'd rather not sweat while playing it, thanks. Kappa
  • WTF Weren't these god damned things unable to be posted now with the approvation check? Sugar Honey Iced Tea... It seems like he got approved before this, unfortunately.
  • no register on my library Yeah, it's a free-on-demand license so it won't stick or add +1. https://steamdb.info/app/504650/subs/ But you can still click on "Play Now" on the store page to install it whenever it stops being free.
  • Anyone post code please. Anyone post new code, please guys! @Carlmundo I'm not one for whining and complaining but I do find it rather hypocritical that I have to wait for my comment to get approved(which I don't mind since the majority of the time…
  • Closing this. I'm sorry, but even leaving this in as "optional" is still forbidden. Under normal circumstances, shilling for group joins or +rep on your profile is an INSTANT BAN. Take heed.
    in - Comment by K3W3L January 21
  • Lemondo have always been damn shoddy in general when it comes to anything. If you get a key, consider yourself lucky, because it doesn't make sense for there to be a beta if you can already buy the game. Closing unless they extraordinarily send stu…
  • Look...Microids is fine. It's just that their command of English grammar is atrocious, but that's to be expected considering they aren't an English company.
  • i have no damn knowledge of what your talking about. We know. It shows. http://whosgamingnow.net/discussion/7243/deal-updates-are-back/p1 Unfortunately, probably because I'm on mobile or I'm already signed up to it, I don't see it. Or maybe it was …
  • I think you're being too impatient. Notice how it's only just you that's making duplicate threads recently? I haven't deleted duplicate threads from anyone else. Click the post button ONCE, open up the website in a new tab and see whether it got po…
  • "All keys are distributed." Closing. @SleepyMaya if you have any alternate accounts used to idle, try using ASF to redeem the key there and see what it is. Can confirm @davedays ' method still seems to be up.
  • So basically you're admitting to piracy. Look for help elsewhere. Not condoning any piracy discussions here.
  • There's a reason why we specifically FORBID posting about them in the giveaway section.
  • Because of the risk of getting a community ban, I'll leave this up, but closed. Use at your own risk, and note that we will not be held responsible should you get banned.
  • I'm sorry, but if you're going to just sign up, ignore the Site Rules blatantly by promoting your group without permission and shilling for group joins, then you don't belong here. This isn't about being racist (but I wouldn't be surprised if you e…
    in - Comment by K3W3L January 1
  • Repost. Search function. Use that next time please.