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  • What are alternative ways that you use to make steam money?

    well, truth be told, there really isnt all that much other than ingame drops and maybe trading

    also as the old saying goes: you gotta spend moneys to make money

    If there was any better way to make steam wallet cash, i can guarantee everybody would be doing it, sadly theres none of that, to my best of knowledge that is

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  • REX Network related giveaways no longer allowed to be posted

    Ugh. It seems like some people never read the recent posts in this thread.

    We STILL have NOT allowed them to be posted here yet. They're still littered with referral and ad click links.

    I've just had to delete two posts related to giveawayhopper links. Next time another one comes up, I don't care if you've been a regular or you've been here for a long time, but you'll be banned.
    Maybe just put related site names in title of discussion and attach it? I think title have enough space for this.

    We have a rule which explicitly forbids referrals and link shorteners
  • REX Network related giveaways no longer allowed to be posted

    Good day, members of whosgamingnow.net
    I hope that my wall of text wouldn't scare you away, but let me introduce myself first.
    My name is Rumen and I had become part of the REX Network rather recently, known there under the nickname DM YS, but I am speaking on behalf of the whole staff of the network.
    I am sorry to read the view you have on our network as a whole but it is completely understandable given many of the issues we have had, that made many of our giveaways non-working, which completely explains why they would be labeled as "scam".
    After realising many of these issues we have started working on them and we are trying to fix many of those, but I hope you understand that this takes time, but we are happy to improve and hopefully become bigger with time.
    We have already established some concise groups in chat software where we host daily giveaways, but some of our external partnerships are still under question in given aspects, but as aforementioned we are already working on it and planning on either substituting or making them better overall.
    I am writing this message in hope that you'd understand that since October, when this thread was created and even since last month, if I may be so brave to say, we have tried and succeeded in this improvement we want to do and hope that in the near future, you would be understanding and forgiving for our previous mistakes, so both our communities can benefit.
    Thank you for spending time on reading this, and I really hope there would be understanding and room for improvement in the relations, but we would understand the benefit of the doubt !
    Stay awesome !
    First of all thank you for putting your input about the topic at hand as a staff member of forementioned network, much appreciated.

    Secondly know that we are very much willing to re-evaluate this policy of ours and changing the rules, if we deem it appropriate under our own discretion. Im gonna possibly have a talk about it with the others and see what should be done

    Hope you understand that its in our best interest to guarantee the safety of our members, this includes the giveaways posted here, not to mention the responsibility we bear, being a rather well- known community. The decision of whether or not reinstaure promotions held under your network wont be made by myself only but in a unified decisions and as such I cannot guarantee a clear cut yes or no.
    Actions talk louder than words and these are the only things we have the possibility to keep in mind, while its a positive thing that you decided to spoke up about the situation, I would respectfully request you to get in touch with the freesteam games subreddit moderator too to clarify things, since they also were discussing the option of banning said giveaways entirely (if they didnt already)
  • [Game](Beta) Quake Champions

    signed up. Did you get in?
    You should have a Bethesda ID before you register.
    i did that and still cannot acces the game
  • Developers, I will pay the Greenlight fee for you

    Very generous initiative from your part, curious to see which projects will pop-up
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