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  • What games would you like to see in a giveaway?

    Team Fortress 2 please


    Please tell me you are not being serious because if you are, then its beyond painful

    FYI the game has been F2P since like 5 years already: http://store.steampowered.com/app/440/
  • GOG Connect Master Thread - See top of OP for any updates (SAINTS ROW SERIES 20TH APRIL)

    Not sure if glitch or intentional but even if you have Saints Row 4 as family shared, you can still add it to your gog library as the full version

    With that said Im gonna test it and report back as to whats the case

    EDIT: yep, full version with all the dlc content
  • Heads up for those who signed up for Quake Champions Beta

    A new batch of keys have been recently sent out, the current testing phase lasting till the 16th of april (you will get to keep the game even after the this so that you can wait for the next beta testing period)

    A friendly reminder to everyone who got into the Closed Beta:It is under a strict NDA, as of such: no screenshots, streaming/videos or discussion about the game is allowed outside of the official closed beta forum. Unlike with Persona 5 , the embargo here is more understandable, seeing that the game is still very much being worked/tweaked and imho I think its a reasonable request from their part (full disclosure: I recently got into the closed beta myself and as of such I cannot really tell a whole more about it at the risk of breaking the non disclosure agreement).

    That being said in accordance with their NDA, discussions talking about the beta on our forum is also a big no-no and any threads/comments breaching this will be deleted. However you may feel free to drop in any unwanted beta keys you may have.

    To sum up shortly: any experience and feedback should go to the official bethesda forum, nowhere else. I would respectfully ask each and every of our members participating in said beta to take this request VERY seriously, especially since the breaching of non disclosure agreements can sometimes have very expensive legal consequences.
  • So Apparently Atlus really doesnt want people to stream Persona 5

    To the point that they even went as far as to "threaten" people with possible copyright strike/youtube account suspensions, if they dont play alongside their rules: http://atlus.com/note-persona-5-streaming/

    And the fact that they are desperately trying to piggyback this to the Japanese studio makes this even more cringe-inducing and sends a strong vibe of "please dont blame us"


    Dear Atlus

    You are a bunch of bloody idiots

    Best regards: Everyone with a little hint of common sense who can realise that this will do NOTHING to stop spoilers, let alone preventing people from uploading full gameplay footages anyway, but I suppose they are really yearning to be the next Nintendo in regards of ridiculous/archaic video policies.
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  • What are alternative ways that you use to make steam money?

    well, truth be told, there really isnt all that much other than ingame drops and maybe trading

    also as the old saying goes: you gotta spend moneys to make money

    If there was any better way to make steam wallet cash, i can guarantee everybody would be doing it, sadly theres none of that, to my best of knowledge that is

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