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  • Big changes to steam trading (please read)

    Effectively as of recent, gift copies of steam games can no longer be sent to email adress or being stored in inventory for later use, except being sent directly (this, however wont affect existing gifts)
    Source: http://steamcommunity.com/games/593110/announcements/detail/1301948399254001159

    Well this essentially handicaps sites like Steamgifts and moreso will help generating even more new scams, since eople are literally forced to do one sided trades if they wanr to exchange steam games with other people that arent their friends.Good job Valve, through trying to cripple grey market sites you succesfully shot your users in the leg as well.

    At this point I really cant defend them neither should you in my opinion.
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  • REX Network related giveaways no longer allowed to be posted

    Thank god, REX is terrible. Their recent marvelousga "giveaways" require you to send trade offers to them. I didn't get some free games a few weeks ago because the shitty requirements. Not even sure I would have received a key, since they used to give out dupes and not tell you if all keys were claimed before completing actions before.

    But that's the mentality of REX, you can see it in their chat. They say things like "nyuuu nyuuu kawaii chan" and post little emojis back and forth like children. Not acceptable behavior for people in their positions.
    They had the nerves to crawl here and acting as "oh they changed sooooo much".

    And taking a look at their recent marvelousga giveaway...they very much didnt, its the same old s*** , with them partnering up with some of the dodgiest groups and keyseller sites ever known over the internet
  • [ENDED - Keys may have been sent, check email] Home Design 3D (steam)

    @Xanthi I would highly suggest that you tone down your behaviour before you may end up being shown the exit.

    as to you [Juicy] Beef: Please be the smarter one and dont continue unnecessary flamewars.

    Deleted said comments as they werent really adding anything to the discussion
  • What games would you like to see in a giveaway?

    Team Fortress 2 please


    Please tell me you are not being serious because if you are, then its beyond painful

    FYI the game has been F2P since like 5 years already: http://store.steampowered.com/app/440/
  • GOG Connect Master Thread - See top of OP for any updates (RENOWNED EXPLORERS 11 MAY)

    Not sure if glitch or intentional but even if you have Saints Row 4 as family shared, you can still add it to your gog library as the full version

    With that said Im gonna test it and report back as to whats the case

    EDIT: yep, full version with all the dlc content