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  • Paid mods will be back, again on Steam Workshop (hurray?)

    Just let us donate them with steam wallet IF WE WANT. Problem solved.
    People will not pay for mods if they do not want even if you try to force them.
    exactly this

    sadly this is something that all those people playing the apologist for a broken from the start system couldnt comprehend and instead acted like everyone protesting were entitled.
  • Paid mods will be back, again on Steam Workshop (hurray?)

    Source: http://www.pcgamer.com/valve-modders-absolutely-need-to-be-paid/

    Honestly this is my reaction to this in a nutshell:

    The problem is NOT the fact that modders want to get paid

    The problem is with the percentage of splits first and foremost. Secondly the fact that when you have 99 percent of people barely even donating money to mooders, why in the world would a paywall just change that? Mod piracy has been a thing ever since the first drama blew over and I can guarantee you that people will be reviving that scene if needed.

    Bottomline is: all this does is stirring hate yet again between users and modders, and transforming this into another profit chase, involving stealing mods and copycatting.

    Valve, please, dont shoot yourself in the foot.
  • [Uplay][Steam]Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend

    honestly would have been mildly interested in this game if they published it to steam.
    um it is though: http://store.steampowered.com/app/359550/
    this is for limited time, or permanently in my library ?
    only for limited time so dont get your hopes up
    not for steam HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
    the free weekend will be also applied to the steam version

    FYI, if you download it directly from uplay, you can already preload the game data
  • [GoG]CONSTRUCTOR (1997)

    @encokayinco if you keep persisting using this kind of language , you may be leaving here very soon
  • Your comment will appear after it is approved

    What if keys are commented and after approval, the guy who approves claims it.
    That would rarely happen to be the case. You only need to be approved once (from what I gather anyway, I am not too familiar with the system yet), so not likely for someone to signup and their very first comment be a key drop.

    I personally think this is a great thing for the WGN community. I was seeing many spammy topics, so if you haven't seen them then the team is doing a great job keeping it tidy. If it gets to the point you guys ever need help with moderating the forums or approvals during the daytime or evenings I would volunteer to pitch in :-)

    Lastly, Thanks Carl and the team for new features such as this and volunteering your time.

    Always a pleasure and an honour to serve the community