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  • Merry christmas to you all

    On behalf of the WGN staff, I would like to wish all of you a very merry, joyful christmas and a wealthy, rich in succes 2017.

    We hope to see you all in next year as well! :)

    karatakoKoumanozepovDemonVetrovPNFM82and 13 others.
  • The Landing of "Aliens" on WGN.

    *mod hat off for a second*

    can I just say that I agree? because I really do

    I cant help but think that ever since our ould group got closed and we moved to the site, there may have been some "decline" in terms of the community or rather in user generated content. Then again the same has happened with the old Discord server we had: at first it was chuck full then in a few weeks literally only a few of us were sticking around apart the occasional spammers and beggars

    Now granted, thankfully theres no such crisis around here currently but I would be lying if I would say that there arent threads and comments that sometimes just makes me wanna faceplant repeatedly.

    In my opinion these problems come down to the following reasons

    1. Many of those people are what I like to call "read only" folks. They dont want or cannot be bothered to look up basic information on google or use the search bar, so they automatically make a new thread.

    2. Language barrier. There are many folks who dont necessarily speak/understand english (and i may add that I dont blame them for that), this may cause some problems

    3. People who think that the staff members are dumb

    If you wander around the VAC subforums on steam, you will know exactly what Im talking about. These are the classic example of people who will vehemently deny of doing anything wrong and claiming that they were banhammered "fur nuthin", even when faced with evidences.

    I think the most hilarious story i have with is when a guy posted about his account being suspended on the steamgift forums innocently (spoiler alert, he wasnt innocent). So I decided to have a little chitchat with him and when I mentioned him that his story doesnt add up, he went rogue on me and started threatening us about "how he will give us bad publicity on gaming sites and usual"

    Needless to say, nothing of such happened but at least I had a good laugh out of it if anything. Classic "talks the talk but doesnt walk the walk" textbook example.

    But yeah, bad apples will always happen sadly, thats just how the internet works. Its very hard to make the right balance to keep the community clean while not falling to the other side of the horse and literally creating a dictatorship either.

    With that said, i think the support forums would need some serious rewamp, starting with making it so that users can only see threads they created themselves and limiting replies in said thread between the thread creator and staff members, to keep things easier and less confusing.

  • sorry about the recent surge of uncleaned spam

    As some of you may have noticed, the site has gone inexplicably volatile for some users, including me, making locking threads and other forum activities a pain

    Rest assured all spambots for now got banned and their rubbish got cleaned, Calr is currently looking into the site technical problems

    Thank you for understanding and we once again apologise for the delay.
  • Script for adding Steam Content (UPDATED)

    why did everyone forget about this it still works, and it works goddamn amazingly
    Phising script man! Don't be fooled by spyro

    its not

    please dont spread blatant misinformation, even if its for comedic purpose
  • REX Network related giveaways no longer allowed to be posted

    That's quite annoying.

    Well if someone still is looking for that information then here they post EVERYTHING: https://www.reddit.com/r/freegamefindings

    they were and likely are still discussing whether or not should they still let those giveaways get through

    what is posted on other sites is no concern of ours either way. if that subreddit is willing to give exposure for shady giveaways-more power to them

    Also do keep in mind that is is done for the safety of people browsing the forums. If at any point Rex Network ceases with their dodgy practices, we may obviously consider changing this rule, but until then it will stay.