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  • Unreal Tournament 4 Alpha is back online

  • Thank you. Thread.

    Nice thread! Indeed Carl's hard work deserves many thanks.
    I would also like to thank Carl for many things:

    - Some good free games for Steam (I'm a game collector on Steam).
    - For finding some exceptional games in the Steam Greenlight process. Not only he saves people's time, but he also finds the best games there. Again, some games which I would have never heard about otherwise.
    - Some good promotions on Origin and other web sites, which I would have missed otherwise (the daily newsletter rocks!).
    - For not having given up on the first group which was closed, and for having launched this awesome website as a wonderful replacement to the group.
    - For having some cool streams on Twitch TV, and for allowing people to win the streamed game. It's always a show :)

    If there was some gaming crown, I would gladly crown Carl and offer him some title along the lines "Master Gamer" or even "Gamer King". :)

    Last but not least: I would like to thank Carl for helping indie companies to get known and lead them on the way to success.
    I know you're very busy building all this, therefore I will continue to forward people to you (giveaways people, indie developers, gamers etc...).
  • Win 1 of 100-200 copies of Bombing Bastards, Lantern Forge, The Little Acre, Abatron

    It's cool how Carl handpicks the best Greenlight games! Voted for all :)
    By the way, many times I had never heard about these gems!
    Keep up the good work Carl.